NEW TECH SCIENTIFIC comes to life from two consolidated companies in their respective sectors.
TEKNE, leader in automotive sector,  has decades of experience in the fields of electronics and mechanics with focus in design development and installation of industrial, special and military vehicles, and development of products, systems and services for Automotive, Defence & Security, both in military and in civil domain. NEW TECH SOLUTION was created for the research, development and marketing of latest generation technologies and their use in order to improve every possible aspect of life.
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NEW TECH SCIENTIFIC's main objective is to design and supply integrated and modular products, with a high level of customization, which increase the level of safety of employees and customers in public access environments with a high risk of contamination.


Complete sanitation of your environment, safety for your employees and for your customers.

GATEAKT is the system, consisting of a tunnel and a control unit, designed to sanitize users who access commercial and public spaces and workplaces. The tunnel, simple and quick to install, does not require the intervention of specialized technicians. The nebulization surface can be extended by connecting more tunnels in series, in order to manage a higher input frequency to the GATE. GATEAKT is suitable for high flows of people entering.
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Pumping system, control unit and sanitizing tank are installed in a small dimension box, which can be hidden in a suitable space and remotely controlled up to 10m from the tunnel.
The connection with the tunnel is made through a pseudotube holding sanitizing liquid and control wiring.
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In the light-alloy internal structure of the tunnel, electronically-activated nozzles system diffuses sanitizer aerosol when a person passes through by means of a movement sensorThe sustem, driven by a control unit designed by NEW TECH SCIENTIFIC, distributes sufficient quantities of liquid for each access.
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At the entrance of the tunnel an easy-to-use temperature detection system is installed: when the hand is grought close to the contactless detector an infrared sensor measures the body temperature with an error of ± 0,3°C. The system is equipped with an acoustic and optical alarm and a small display for the exclusive use of surveillance personnel.


Anti-drop nozzles powered by a high pressure pump whithin the control unit reduce the sanitizing liquid in very fine drops (from 5 to 15 μm).
Nozzles are made of brass and/or stainless steel.


Made with a special Non-rotting material, it does not get wet but it keeps the sanitizing liquid on its surface, so that the soles of the passers-by are sanitized, avoiding diffusion of the pathogens in the environment.


The external finish, made of PONZIO BOND® is customizable with images, texts or logos,
depending on customer requests. (OPTIONAL)


BIOAKT is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, viricidal and fungicidal bactericide, classified as a Class IIb medical device.
Silver ions stabilized in citric acid reacts with microbes causing irreversible damages by blocking their metabolic and reproductive functions thus causing their death.
BIOAKT is unique for its certified biocompatibility, non-toxicity and efficacy, along with bacterial and viral load reduction times in the order of the minute and a residual protection of over 18 hours.

BIOAKT is an exclusive of the NEW TECH SCIENTIFIC company, founded by NEW TECH SOLUTIONS and TEKNE.






GATEAKT is a complete, ready to use system, easy to assemble and maintain, designed for different access flows.
It is the only one equipped with a biocompatible sanitizer, certified and effective and therefore able to guarantee complete sanitation of
your environment and safety for your employees and customers.
No danger of toxicity, no unpleasant smell or excessive traces of humidity: an accurate purification and a pleasant sense of freshness.

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